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A MLP:FIM fanfic

Party like Hell

Final Part:...I quit.

Everyone turned to see Dormammu standing behind them all. He saw the whole thing...and boy was he pissed.

"!" he convulsed.

Everyone backed away as Azear suddenly got to his knees in front of him.

"Master, did you enjoy it?" The demon knew the answer already.

"You? Singing? PATHETIC! And I see you fell in love with that brat. I coudn't think you could be anymore pitiful! All you do is fail at every single thing in the book. Now you resort to mortal emotions?!" Dormammu ranted.

Azear started to shake.

"Should we do something?" Twilight asked the others.

"Us? Against him?" Rarity answered. "He's the devil! He could defeat us in one fell swoop."

Rainbow Dash just decided to beat him down. She flew at him to buck him but he unleashed a fiery meteor, which sent her back.

"As I was saying," Dormammu continued. "You mean nothing to me." He prepared to destroy the demon.

"Master, NO!" Azear was crying at this point. "Give me one more chance! I BEG OF YOU!"

Then Dormammu felt confetti hit his head. "GET AWAY FROM MY STALLIONFRIEND, YOU CREEP!" Pinkie screamed. Dormammu soon moved to her instead and gripped her throat.

Everyone gasped. Except for Rick. "HOORAY! KILL HER!" Everyone soon stared daggers at him.

Dormammu just laughed. "So, you think a relationship with a demon is safe? Well, I've  got news for you..."

Something in Azear snapped. He had it up to here with his master's abuse. And now he was hurting his new sweetheart! Azear grabbed Dormammu with his tail to trip him, which worked.

"HEY! What's the big idea?!" Dormmamu screamed.

"How many years has it been since you last treated me well?" Azear began, now steaming with hate. "NONE! Never did you appreciate my talents! NEVER! I only possesed the lovely one to impress you! I now openly regret doing that! So, in summary...I quit."

Dormammu coudn't believe his ears. "...What?"

"I want to live with the mortals. I don't care if I die of old age. It's better than putting up with you!"

Now Dormammu was mad. "If that's the way you want it...BURN TO CYNDERS! CHAOTIC FLAME!" A stream of hellfire came out of his hands. Azear just dodged it and bucked him in the head hard. What followed was a clash of hellfire. It was rough but Azear got through and used a spin attack to send him flying....

....right into where the Cobalt bomb was located. Instantly, Rick pushed the button on his remote control and now the bomb and Dormammu were in the air.

A few minutes later...BOOM!!!

Dormammu was sent back to hell. Azear stood proudly to his new destiny.

Everyone cheered for him, even Twilight and Vergil. Twilight figured that some demons are born diffrent and it was unfair for Dormammu to treat him like that for years. Vergil, depite his hatred for all things against his mother, thought it was awesome for the lord of evil to get his just desserts. Dash, after getting up with the help of Fluttershy and Applejack, was happy for Pinkie. Rick was just happy to blow up his bomb.

And speaking of Pinkie, she rushed over to Azear and hugged him.

"My hero! You and I are going to have so much fun!"

Azear nuzzled her warmly. "So...this means we date, right?"

Pinkie had to admit, they coudn't just hit it off that quickly. They need to get to know eachother for a while.


Azear smiled at that. "Oh, and don't we have a party to continue?"

And so it did.

"I still think he smells." Rarity said.

Lesson: Don't put up with massive amounts of abuse. You've got to know when it has to stop. Just do it for good reasons.

Sorry if the writing's bad but here it is! Not too awesome but then again.

Music for the battle between Dormammu and Azear: [link]
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